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Drunk Duck... The Duck... Dead Duck

Readers of the the comics that are hosted on Drunk Duck have most likely noticed that DD has been both inaccesible and in down in periods over the last couple of weeks, fully due to a much-advertised change which just turned out to last a tiiiny bit longer than then people behing anticipated.

But as of today I'm glad to announce the Drunk Duck is back in action, now under the name of The Duck! The comics are updating again and the new site looks, on the fly, better and more effective! :D

There's just one tiny little thing...

<insert picture of me looking in shock at the post that tells me that DD is back but that their whole linking process has been changed, renaming links to all individual comics>

<insert picture of me, hitting my head against the desk, repeatedly, after having checked his claims and found out that they are all too true>

<insert picture of me chasing the fleet-footed and now all too sober mallard with my axe, eyes red from rage>

<Insert picture of me strangling said duck to an inch of his life... and beyond>

I really don't know how to take this... as it is the comics based off Drunk Duck (mostly thanks to certain Most Wanted Individuals) probably accounts for almost a third, if not more, of the full number of links in the Archive! Going about to change them all will be... an uncomprehendable amount of work...

This is quite a blow and shock, both to me and the Archive. I will have to wait some time before I decide what to do next... there IS the slight chance of them adding something that will redirect old links, but I seriously doubt it... :|

Again, I'll wait a bit to decided what to do next... I really don't know it at this point... :(
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