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Prayer answered!

As a follow up to my last post, I am now happy to say that the Archive is back up and running with every link to comics on Drunk Duck now active again! :D

Though the domain of are still out of business, I've taken the opportunity and moved each and every link (about 5000 spread out across some 1000 comic-entries) to point to the and it took less than am hour!

The credit for this amazing feat goes to the one who answered my prayers, namely JustNoPoint of the Devon Legacy, incidently also the one who helped bring Drunk Duck back on its feet again!

All it took was a the program of Notepad++ and a little work, and presto! The Archive is back in business and again available for its 10 daily users! :)

Thanks a lot JNP! :cheers: You really save my bacon there, I was NOT looking forward to do all those manually...

On a related topic, JNP is looking for cameos for upcoming future scenes in the Devon Legacy, so if you have a character you would like to volunteer, you got to check out this thread over at the DD Forums.
The Rookie Resistance Fighter

Join me in a little prayer…

Some people might have noticed that the webcomic host of Drunk Duck has been completely down for the last many weeks, months actually, barring any access to the multitude of comics hosted there and sending the readers on a frantic mission in search of possible mirrorsites hidden away on the net.

Now, at least, it finally looks like Drunk Duck is alive and back online, though so far only in the sober version of that saw the light of the day with the last big makeover DD had… and therein lies my worry and a need for a prayer.

Because, the last big DD makeover forced me to fix thousands of links in the Archive from DD comics which had entries there, simply because the forces behind DD decided to change the way each and every strip was linking, leaving me dead in the water with thousands of dead links.

I took me months to get the Archive back up, as well as the Hubs for the various Halloween Capers, not to mention the Crossover Wars, and if it hadn’t been for a lot of helpful people and friends, it would have taken me even longer, probably even deciding to drop the projects all together…

Now, even though DD changed name to The Duck and had the new link, they kept the domain of Drunkduck, redirecting every link so both names worked for linking purpose.
After the restoring of the site this time, seems not be functioning, and I suddenly get nervous about it ever will again. If that’s true, then I will AGAIN be sitting with thousands of dead links… granted, it will be easier to replace them this time, but I’m already on a new low on free time and really really hope I don’t have to make the decision again…

So, help me out with a prayer, let the domain name be reinstated…

- Hogan
The Charming Barbarian

Menage á Tree

After having run and grown for some time, it sometimes happen that a webcomic sprouts an offshot at one point in its ”career”, usually when the author decides he or she needs another environment where new stories and jokes can unfold, but without loosing touch with the core comic and cast.
This way the comic can be said to “branch out”, but where some comics are concerned, that branch suddenly becomes a whole forest!

In the case with the “Menage a Tree”, it started out with Menage a 3 which took root back in 2008 and quickly started to grow, fertilized by a rapidly and actively growing fanship.

About a year later, a pod fell from the tree of Ma3, taking root and growing into the independently comic of Eerie Cuties. It was a completely new comic where no characters where carried over, and yet the familiarization was kept with through the author-team and the fanbase, as well as a few minor cameos

Eerie Cuties became the podling growing under the branches of the parent tree of Menage à 3, but it showed to have great potential, quickly growing on its own and in 2011 it dropped its own seed which sprouted into the offshoot comic of Magick Chicks. Over time the two trees have grown up along each other, but featuring much of the same cast, the storylines have over the years crisscrossed so often and so much that you at times are unsure which comic you are actually reading!
By now the two of them are so entangled that it’s hard to see where one comic starts and the other begin, characters walk freely between the comics and sometimes takes part in two different stories at the same time!

As if the entangled branches of the two close-growing trees where not enough, early on branches from EC had already touched branches of the nearby growing tree of Vampire Cheerleaders, but later the branches got solid mixed up when the connection was solidified, and later it was apparent that even the roots of the two trees had connected, and gradually the two comics have also started borrowing themes and expressions from each other, slowly merging their respective universes..

To make matters worse, the tree of Vampire Cheerleaders had already at that point merged with the close growing tree of Paranormal Mystery Squad, in the end totally absorbing it through the storyline of Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die, though it seems like the characters of PMS became the dominant DNA in the new combined tree.

… and then, for complete confusion, we must notice that VC, to the other side, is fully entwined with the comic of AOI House on several occasions, latest when it was revealed that the roots of the trees of VC and AOI already had grown together back when we learned that Stephany Kane lived in AOI house for a time.

Oh, did I mention that Eerie Cuties in the meantime dropped a seed which grew into Dangerously Chloe, moving a character from the former into her own comic, though still keeping the branches of the two trees entwined!

… talk about a veritable jungle!

In the meantime, the tree of Ma3 has dropped several other seeds which landed close enough to grow up and turn into trees of their own, though completely entangled with their parent tree!
First we got the offshoot series of Sandra on the Rocks (first I say, because it started as filler material, and then came Sticky Dilly Buns, both featuring secondary characters from Ma3 (you might say that “When characters in Ma3 is put on the bus, that bus goes to Hollywood!) which has grown into comics of their own.
The entanglement of the tree has recently been cemented when Ma3 and SotR entered a True Crossover.

So, in the years that has gone since Ma3 first pushed its way up through the ground and into the sunlight, a whole forest has grown up around it, a wild and untamed forest where the trees stand so close and are so entwined that you get lost a few short steps into it, a forest filled with mysteries, magick, monsters, humour and sexual delights for the unaware!

Its the forest of Menage à Tree… you know you want to enter it!
The Skypoliceman in Trouble

A Deviant Ghostrunner!

Last year an unusual webcomic-teamup took place, but not before now we found it safe to publish the news to the general public as a whole!

Pam Harrison of A Deviant Mind obviously believed her futuristic comic was lacking in terms of pure destruction, because she sought out and teamed up with James L. Dyar of the comic Grin-N-Spirit, and the two of them sat down and co-wrote two chapters of A Deviant Mind, two chapters that introduced Jim's Ghostrunner-character into the frey!

The chapters can be found here and here.

It's always interesting to see two different comics team up, especially when one constantly rides the edge of multiversal destruction and the other deals in intrique and action in a futuristic setting... now thast you think about it, the team-up is obvious, and the writers manage to mix up their worlds in the very plausible combination that only adds to the the world of A Deviant Mind (not affecting Ghostrunner's universe to my knowledge as this may be a one-sided extended cameovisit).

Rumours has it that A Deviant Mind survived the team-up and is still ongoing, whether it survived unscathered and relatively intact you better check out for yourself.
The Commentator

Webcomics Offline

We interrupt this irregulary unscheduled broadcasting of cameo- and crossover related news with a service message
As of March 1st a new site, a spin-off the Archive, has been launched. Whereas the Archive deals with the continuing crossing over and referencing between the webcomics of the world, this new site will deal with the more hardcover version of webcomics… the printed editions of them as a matter of facts.

The site I’m talking about is Webcomics Offline

WO serves as a portal to all the individual stores of the various webcomics, collecting and linking directly to them and individual books they contain, creating a larger overview of what’s available in the form of webcomics in print out there.

I’ve always been a fan of the school that says “The only way to make a good webcomic better, is to have it in print, able to be read when you want it wherever you want it, laid pack and with your feet up”, and besides this fact, buying the books by your favourite artists is also the best way to show them how much you like their work and webcomics… webcomics we’ve so far been reading at a regular rate on the net… for free.

So, this is intended to help bring the works of the various webcomics creators out in the spotlight, separated from their official sites where you all too often gets distracted by the comics you come to see and forget that they are also able in hardcover format, and yet you are still end up at the artists’ store, assuring that they are the ones to reap the profits for their hard work.

Hope you’ll find Webcomics Offline useful as a future reference and will stop by to comment, review, rate and help with information to keep the site ever expanding.

- Hogan
The Charming Barbarian

The Anniversary I forgot...

Around this time of the year there’s something there’s a special event I usually never overlook and tend to celebrate in at least my own meager ways, sometimes even going as far as publically (if you can even call it that with this blog) announcing it.

This year I’ve been under a heavy case of overwork and on top of that I’ve had to deal with sickness over the last week or so, which again has caused me to slip behind on almost everything.

This has caused me to totally forget to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive which have been my first and foremost hobby and entertainment for just as long… sad but true, but instead something else happend...


Imagine my surprise when I did my checkup on a bunch of my daily webcomics, trying to catch up what I’d fallen behind on, and suddenly encountered several comics whose updates revolved around the same subject, all in order to celebrate the Archive’s anniversary in which must have been a coordinated effort by the artists involved!

Rarely have I been so genuinely touched, it means a lot to me that somebody went through all of this to celebrate this project of mine, showing that, despite its relatively internet anonymosity, it has had its impact over the years, none of the work put into it having been for naught :)

Thanks Joff, M., KAM, and not to forget, CD Rudd who timed my, much treasured, cameo nicely.
All this means a lot to me.
The Rookie Resistance Fighter

Wedding ahead!

Though its not cameo or crossover-realted per se, I would like to take the time to congratulate Phillip and Cassie of Times Like This whom, from this strip on, are now officially engaged to be married some time next year!

But hey, wait, this IS cameo-related in a way, because Thomas Overbeck has "threatened" with the chance of invitations for the wedding being send out to other artists with a chance of their characters making appearences at the event! :o

Guess only time will tell if he makes good on that threat, but congratulations ot the new webcomic-couple anyway! :cheers:
The Commentator

Doc is at it again!

After a couple of years without introducing us to the Halloween shenanigans that usually involves a load of cameos or references to webcomics across the net, Doc Nickel, artist, artist of said paintball-swelling wacky webcomic called The Whiteboard, last year took up his Halloween cameofest once again... and he follows through again this year!

You can say much about Doc, but beating a dead horse is not one of the things!
Where the Halloween Cameo Parties in the comic is without doubt a recurring annual theme, albeit with a couple of years hiatus, he really knows how to make the most of it without repeating himself necessarily.

There's been years where the characters from other comics arrived to the party as themselves, there's been years where characters arrived dressed up as characters from other webcomics, and finally this year where the whole cast dressed up as characters from various comics!

It's artists' abilities to renew themselves, especially with regard to the use of cameos, that makes tracking them a fun job more than a chore :)

Also, on the subject of Halloween... the Halloween Cameo Caper of 2012 has now run most of its due course and its been a regular blast to follow!
If you didn't manage to follow the crazy haphazard antics and the entwining storylines while they took place, now might be a good time to catch up. As usual all strips have been saved for posterity at the Halloween Hub, and as something new you can also follow the Caper in a sort of coninuity at the Caper's own Webcomic Hub.

Also, true to Halloween Caper Standard, there are still comics which continue their Halloween storylines past Halloween itself, so the Caper is not fully over yet!
The Commentator

Halloween Cameo Caper 2012 - Last Call

Coming up now is the deadline for participation in the annual and much (by me at last) anticipated Halloween Cameo Caper 2012!

The setting for the Caper has been chosen, and this year we already got an interesting mix of old and new participants, as well as some interesting plot ideas rolling around in the planning stage.

Soon we will see what this Caper will bring!

If you think of participating, then you can just about make it with the deadline being on 1st of September. However, if you just would like to volunteer any characters of yours for cameoing during the Caper (the setting more than makes room for that), this is also possible.

It's Caper Time!
The Charming Barbarian

Karabear Crossover Travels

Some may remember the big multi-comic crossover events of the past 10 years, The Framed Great Escape, The Crossover Wars, The Halloween Capers as well as The Crossoverlord and Crossoverkill (stil ongoing). Some might wake screaming in the middle of the night, DEFINITELY remembering some of the above mentioned events, and yet others have not been in position to experience any of them or came late into webcomics to get into the events as they took place.

For the latter I would like to point to the latest side-installments of Karabear Comics Unlimited by Ave Messer.

After having, along with a set of other artists and comics, literally gate-crashed this year's 2012 Halloween Cameo Caper by signing up for participation BEFORE the invitation was send out, Ave decided to send the character of Tempore to the party early, by letting him take a VERY round-about trip through time and many of the previous years’ crossover projects, working his way up to 2012…
Tempore, Agent of Order, sets out to get Chaos (of Life & Death nonetheless) but is instead on a merry chase that takes him first to the Halloween Caper of 2006, into the Crossover Wars which he spends most of as a prisoner of the EOU until he is freed and able to visit the Caper of 2007, going straight to the Caper of 2008, then visiting Ringo in The Crossoverlord before plunging onwards again…

It’ll probably take Tempore some time to get to the 2012 Caper unless he gets lost of his way, so do keep an eye on his merry travels until then, he and you might learn a thing or two about Webcomic Crossover History as Ave links them all up.

… have you signed up for the Halloween 2012 Caper by the way? A bunch of artists have already signed up for a trip to the Interdimensional place of Tygris, but there’s still time if you fancy becoming a part of this year’s merry Caper Crossover Project!

Also, Ave Messer is looking for comics and artists who would like to volunteer for a large Webcomic Community Crossover Project. Contact information available through most of the above links, else take a gander at the forum first.