March 24th, 2013

The Skypoliceman in Trouble

A Deviant Ghostrunner!

Last year an unusual webcomic-teamup took place, but not before now we found it safe to publish the news to the general public as a whole!

Pam Harrison of A Deviant Mind obviously believed her futuristic comic was lacking in terms of pure destruction, because she sought out and teamed up with James L. Dyar of the comic Grin-N-Spirit, and the two of them sat down and co-wrote two chapters of A Deviant Mind, two chapters that introduced Jim's Ghostrunner-character into the frey!

The chapters can be found here and here.

It's always interesting to see two different comics team up, especially when one constantly rides the edge of multiversal destruction and the other deals in intrique and action in a futuristic setting... now thast you think about it, the team-up is obvious, and the writers manage to mix up their worlds in the very plausible combination that only adds to the the world of A Deviant Mind (not affecting Ghostrunner's universe to my knowledge as this may be a one-sided extended cameovisit).

Rumours has it that A Deviant Mind survived the team-up and is still ongoing, whether it survived unscathered and relatively intact you better check out for yourself.