November 9th, 2013

The Charming Barbarian

Prayer answered!

As a follow up to my last post, I am now happy to say that the Archive is back up and running with every link to comics on Drunk Duck now active again! :D

Though the domain of are still out of business, I've taken the opportunity and moved each and every link (about 5000 spread out across some 1000 comic-entries) to point to the and it took less than am hour!

The credit for this amazing feat goes to the one who answered my prayers, namely JustNoPoint of the Devon Legacy, incidently also the one who helped bring Drunk Duck back on its feet again!

All it took was a the program of Notepad++ and a little work, and presto! The Archive is back in business and again available for its 10 daily users! :)

Thanks a lot JNP! :cheers: You really save my bacon there, I was NOT looking forward to do all those manually...

On a related topic, JNP is looking for cameos for upcoming future scenes in the Devon Legacy, so if you have a character you would like to volunteer, you got to check out this thread over at the DD Forums.