cameotracker (cameotracker) wrote,

The Anniversary I forgot...

Around this time of the year there’s something there’s a special event I usually never overlook and tend to celebrate in at least my own meager ways, sometimes even going as far as publically (if you can even call it that with this blog) announcing it.

This year I’ve been under a heavy case of overwork and on top of that I’ve had to deal with sickness over the last week or so, which again has caused me to slip behind on almost everything.

This has caused me to totally forget to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive which have been my first and foremost hobby and entertainment for just as long… sad but true, but instead something else happend...


Imagine my surprise when I did my checkup on a bunch of my daily webcomics, trying to catch up what I’d fallen behind on, and suddenly encountered several comics whose updates revolved around the same subject, all in order to celebrate the Archive’s anniversary in which must have been a coordinated effort by the artists involved!

Rarely have I been so genuinely touched, it means a lot to me that somebody went through all of this to celebrate this project of mine, showing that, despite its relatively internet anonymosity, it has had its impact over the years, none of the work put into it having been for naught :)

Thanks Joff, M., KAM, and not to forget, CD Rudd who timed my, much treasured, cameo nicely.
All this means a lot to me.

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