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Webcomics Offline

We interrupt this irregulary unscheduled broadcasting of cameo- and crossover related news with a service message
As of March 1st a new site, a spin-off the Archive, has been launched. Whereas the Archive deals with the continuing crossing over and referencing between the webcomics of the world, this new site will deal with the more hardcover version of webcomics… the printed editions of them as a matter of facts.

The site I’m talking about is Webcomics Offline

WO serves as a portal to all the individual stores of the various webcomics, collecting and linking directly to them and individual books they contain, creating a larger overview of what’s available in the form of webcomics in print out there.

I’ve always been a fan of the school that says “The only way to make a good webcomic better, is to have it in print, able to be read when you want it wherever you want it, laid pack and with your feet up”, and besides this fact, buying the books by your favourite artists is also the best way to show them how much you like their work and webcomics… webcomics we’ve so far been reading at a regular rate on the net… for free.

So, this is intended to help bring the works of the various webcomics creators out in the spotlight, separated from their official sites where you all too often gets distracted by the comics you come to see and forget that they are also able in hardcover format, and yet you are still end up at the artists’ store, assuring that they are the ones to reap the profits for their hard work.

Hope you’ll find Webcomics Offline useful as a future reference and will stop by to comment, review, rate and help with information to keep the site ever expanding.

- Hogan
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