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Menage á Tree

After having run and grown for some time, it sometimes happen that a webcomic sprouts an offshot at one point in its ”career”, usually when the author decides he or she needs another environment where new stories and jokes can unfold, but without loosing touch with the core comic and cast.
This way the comic can be said to “branch out”, but where some comics are concerned, that branch suddenly becomes a whole forest!

In the case with the “Menage a Tree”, it started out with Menage a 3 which took root back in 2008 and quickly started to grow, fertilized by a rapidly and actively growing fanship.

About a year later, a pod fell from the tree of Ma3, taking root and growing into the independently comic of Eerie Cuties. It was a completely new comic where no characters where carried over, and yet the familiarization was kept with through the author-team and the fanbase, as well as a few minor cameos

Eerie Cuties became the podling growing under the branches of the parent tree of Menage à 3, but it showed to have great potential, quickly growing on its own and in 2011 it dropped its own seed which sprouted into the offshoot comic of Magick Chicks. Over time the two trees have grown up along each other, but featuring much of the same cast, the storylines have over the years crisscrossed so often and so much that you at times are unsure which comic you are actually reading!
By now the two of them are so entangled that it’s hard to see where one comic starts and the other begin, characters walk freely between the comics and sometimes takes part in two different stories at the same time!

As if the entangled branches of the two close-growing trees where not enough, early on branches from EC had already touched branches of the nearby growing tree of Vampire Cheerleaders, but later the branches got solid mixed up when the connection was solidified, and later it was apparent that even the roots of the two trees had connected, and gradually the two comics have also started borrowing themes and expressions from each other, slowly merging their respective universes..

To make matters worse, the tree of Vampire Cheerleaders had already at that point merged with the close growing tree of Paranormal Mystery Squad, in the end totally absorbing it through the storyline of Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die, though it seems like the characters of PMS became the dominant DNA in the new combined tree.

… and then, for complete confusion, we must notice that VC, to the other side, is fully entwined with the comic of AOI House on several occasions, latest when it was revealed that the roots of the trees of VC and AOI already had grown together back when we learned that Stephany Kane lived in AOI house for a time.

Oh, did I mention that Eerie Cuties in the meantime dropped a seed which grew into Dangerously Chloe, moving a character from the former into her own comic, though still keeping the branches of the two trees entwined!

… talk about a veritable jungle!

In the meantime, the tree of Ma3 has dropped several other seeds which landed close enough to grow up and turn into trees of their own, though completely entangled with their parent tree!
First we got the offshoot series of Sandra on the Rocks (first I say, because it started as filler material, and then came Sticky Dilly Buns, both featuring secondary characters from Ma3 (you might say that “When characters in Ma3 is put on the bus, that bus goes to Hollywood!) which has grown into comics of their own.
The entanglement of the tree has recently been cemented when Ma3 and SotR entered a True Crossover.

So, in the years that has gone since Ma3 first pushed its way up through the ground and into the sunlight, a whole forest has grown up around it, a wild and untamed forest where the trees stand so close and are so entwined that you get lost a few short steps into it, a forest filled with mysteries, magick, monsters, humour and sexual delights for the unaware!

Its the forest of Menage à Tree… you know you want to enter it!
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