cameotracker (cameotracker) wrote,

Join me in a little prayer…

Some people might have noticed that the webcomic host of Drunk Duck has been completely down for the last many weeks, months actually, barring any access to the multitude of comics hosted there and sending the readers on a frantic mission in search of possible mirrorsites hidden away on the net.

Now, at least, it finally looks like Drunk Duck is alive and back online, though so far only in the sober version of that saw the light of the day with the last big makeover DD had… and therein lies my worry and a need for a prayer.

Because, the last big DD makeover forced me to fix thousands of links in the Archive from DD comics which had entries there, simply because the forces behind DD decided to change the way each and every strip was linking, leaving me dead in the water with thousands of dead links.

I took me months to get the Archive back up, as well as the Hubs for the various Halloween Capers, not to mention the Crossover Wars, and if it hadn’t been for a lot of helpful people and friends, it would have taken me even longer, probably even deciding to drop the projects all together…

Now, even though DD changed name to The Duck and had the new link, they kept the domain of Drunkduck, redirecting every link so both names worked for linking purpose.
After the restoring of the site this time, seems not be functioning, and I suddenly get nervous about it ever will again. If that’s true, then I will AGAIN be sitting with thousands of dead links… granted, it will be easier to replace them this time, but I’m already on a new low on free time and really really hope I don’t have to make the decision again…

So, help me out with a prayer, let the domain name be reinstated…

- Hogan
Tags: crossover wars, drunk duck, halloween cameo caper, the duck

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