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Crossover Wars Hub Up To Date

Just a quick addendum to my last post in order to mention that Zortic now has posted the last part of the WCA Hunt storyline with Classics Zortic, which means that all strips from the Crossover Wars (all 1500+ of them) once again are available on the net (either on their sites of origin or stored on the Crossover Wars Hub)!

This means that the Crossover Wars Hub is also, for the first time in almost 5 years, fully up to date!
The Hardened Resistance Fighter

Classic Crossover Wars Zortic

Anyone remember the Crossover Wars Hub? The place that was supposed to keep track of the whole shenanigans that was the major Crossover event back in 2007, storing and linking all the participating comics so none would get lost over time?

You also rememeber that when Drunk Duck last year went and redid their whole content, including how each and every link was set up, more than 50% of the links in the Hub went dead, and it took more than a month of hard work to get everything back together?

A few might even remember that even before the Drunk Duck Mayhem, the links pointing to the relevant strips in the comic of Zortic was out-of-business because the comic had been restarted and the old comic had been taken off the web...

Some have probably noticed that, along with the weekly updates of the New Zortic, the old strips of Zortic has been reposted back from the start as Classic Zortic, in weekly batches of 3-6 strips... this has actual been going on for some years...

The point? The point is that the reposting of the old strips have now reached a point where Zortic's participation in the Crossover Wars are coming back online!!!

This means that for the first time in about 4 years, the Crossover Wars Hub stand a chance of being 100% up to date over the summer! :D

So, soon you will be able to read through the whole of the Crossover Wars (all 1500+ strips) without, hopefully, encountering any dead links along the way (at least, not from the Hub), but for now you should go to the first strip of Zorti's participation in the event and keep up from there while its posted!

... when Classic Zortic reaches the end, its time to take the dive into the multicomic mayhem that was the Crossover Wars and read it all up :)

Good luck!

- Hogan
The Skypoliceman in Trouble

Crossover out of a guest-strip

As mentioned before, there's a long time between true crossovers nowadays... but they DO still happen! Yet, the latest one is unique in the way that the last strips were added 3 years after the first!

We are talking about the latest Sins / Hero In Training - crossover, or should we say: Guest-strip turned crossover?

It started way back in 2009 with this strip, a guest-strip by Pip of Sins featuring a meetup between characters from the two comics in a bar (Roleplayers rejoice!).
A funny and common enough guest-strip, but somehow the two artists were not through, and now, three years later, they've returned with the thrilling conclusion to the chance-meeting, first with this strip at Hero In Training (drawn by Pip again), and ending with this strip at Sins, this time drawn by Stefan Barton-Ross of HIT.

... and this is a story of how an ordinary guest-strip grew up and became a fullfledged crossover...

... and yours truly had to go and make some changes in the Archive.

Goodnight, and sleep tight
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Celebrating 7 years of tracking Cameos

It just dawned on me that I, back in February, passed the 7 year anniversary of the Archive without realizing it... :o

7 years ago I started this little sub-site to my original, just for the fun of it and because I liked how cameos and crossovers could be incorporated into stories with great success, weaving bonds between comics and artists and keep sending me to find and read new great comics. Too was also the fact that I disliked how those events tended to be forgotten over time, references lost, cameos no longer to be recognized...

The project was thought to be a resource through which instances of cameos and references between webcomic would be kept for posterity, to allow future readers to track down comics which previously had made cameos and/or references to their favorite webcomics, and in turn get deeper into the worlds of webcomics, expand their horizon and read more webcomics.
... but first and foremost it was to be a hobby for me.

Now, 7 years later the Archive have grown to entries for about 2500 (give or take a couple) webcomics, has new instances of crossovers and cameos added every other day as is visited by about 10 people daily.
It has survived several hackings and subsequent server-moves, the dying and zombiefication of Drunk Duck as well as the hardship real life has thrown at yours sincerely over time... but its still going strong!

This I can thank all the people who've lend a hand over time, especially over the DD-saga, as well as the readers who keep sending submissions about new happenings in the comics they read, as well as the artists who brings me up to date on their own shenanigans, as well as those who sends me appreciating and encouraging words which helps me keep the head up when the going gets tough.

Thanks to everybody, here's to at least a couple years more! :cheers:

- Hogan
The Charming Barbarian

Webcomic Child

Children being born in webcomic is not an rare instance, though not uncommmon either. However, children born as a result of a union between characters from two different comics IS a very rare event.

As mentioned before such "Crossover-Babies" have been accounted for in the Magical Misfits / Drunken Scribblings union resulting in the Half-Bear/Half-Bat kid of Roger, and the Something Positive / Girls with Slingshots which gave birth to 4 (5) kittens that in turn was adopted away to other webcomics.

However, now we seem to have another special case of Crossover-Baby coming up!

The recent update of the extraordinary superhero comic of Magellan reveals the current pregnancy of Superheroine/Magician Hoodoo ... nothing usual there, except for the fact that for readers of the superhero-collaboration webcomic of Crossoverkill might remember that Hoodoo spend quite some "Quality Time" with Captain Perfect who's origin lies in the webcomic of Bad Huy High, abd coupled with Magellan Artist Xmung's comments to the latest Magellan strip in speaking, among other stating that this part takes place a few months AFTER the Crossoverkill-event... well, baring any underhand red herring on Xwung's part, I think its safe to assume that we might soon (in webcomic time) will have another Crossover Baby on our hands!

This at least confirms that the self-appointed Captain Perfect is not without faults, else me might have remembered that little rubbery item which could have prevented this ;)

Better keep an eye on your characters when you let them take part in future crossover-projects dear artists! :)
The Fanficcer


Just as you thought the oldfashioned two-comic crossover was a thing of the past, having moved aside to make room for spectacular free-standing multi-webcomic projects like The Crossoverlord and Crossoverkill (the latter still ongoing), fate offers you a surprise.

This week the webcomics of Shortpacked and Multiplex are running a a crossover between the two of them, alternating between first an update with one comic, continuing in the other comic the next day, then back again... old style!

It started in Shortpacked Monday, the continued in Multiplex Tuesday, going back to Shortpacked Wednesday, Multiplex Thursday and both of them together on Friday (Shortpacked! fist chrononically though).

This was an advanced warning, better keep up with the crossover now before the shenanigans of the involved parties takes overhand...

Incidently, the locations of both comics have been added to the The Cameo City-project.

Thanks DW and Gordon for proving that the era of crossovers are not over yet!

... speaking about crossovers, then one of the older classic ones is now fully available again.
I'm talking about the Melonpool/Zortic-crossover back in 2005 and which has, because of various changes site-wise on the two webcomics, been partially dismantled over the years.
Now the crossover is available both on the site of Melonpool and Zortic Zortic, the latter with additional commentary.

As precautions against loosing half of the crossover again should one of the sites disappear, both sites now contains the strips from both parts of the crossover, keeping it for posterity.
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Marinated Duck

Those who read back just a couple of posts will remember my "controversy" with the hosting service of DrunkDuck (now also known as The Duck) which, as a part of their long awaited July-update, apparently had the bright idea of changing the name of the links to each and every strip in the multitude of comics they hosted... thereby effectively making a great part of the Archive a link-dead zone as said Archive contains perhaps hundreds of DD comics and maybe thousands of individual links... :|

Naturally I despaired, was this going to be the end of the Archive? The time I would need to bring back all the links could not be fathomed and I was loath to even start up that project.. :(

This is where the Webcomic Community showed its friendly face... several artists and readers start sending me new links to not only their own comics, but to other DD-comics as well, also spreading the words to others, calling in more help. Suddenly there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

... and so it happened that as of this weekend, an almost 4 month journey has come to an end... as of today the Archive is now again fully updated with functional links to all existing DrunkDuck strips in the various comic-entries!!*

It was a hell of a work, a work I would never have undertaken, thereby dooming the Archive to fall apart, if it wasn't for all the people who stod up and helped me in my plight, and to them goes my eternal thanks.

Along the way I got to re-visit several comics I remember adding to the Archive, years ago when the whole project was new and with only a hundred or so entries. I also got to fix several errors and stupid mistakes found along the way, as well as lock off several dead comics and, most important, update hundreds of DD-comics with the new Direct-Link feature... all in all a good 4 month job :)

Again, thanks to everybody who helped with this project, KAM, MOrgan, Amelius, Xade, just to name a few, without your help this post would never have been made :cheers:

Now its back to our regular schedule, updating the Archive with new cameos,crossovers and references inbetween webcomics, writing an occasional blog about interest subjects of the same.... and update the various Hubs for the Crossover Wars, Halloween Capers etc with the new links for DD-comics featured in those... yep, the future will not be boring at all... :)

* Disclaimer: There might still be an entry for a comic missing updated links here and there, but that I'll take under "General Maintenance".

Below is a list of all the webcomics on Drunk Duck which got their links updated in the Archive... though only the comics containing said cameos and references have been included, there's loads of others which has been updated too as cameoed comics along the way...

2's a Company
Aldus Maycombe
All the small things
Annoyance Factor Nine
Art Table of Duck
Ask Niccea
The Author
Aw Nuts 2
Bad Guy High
Better Luck Next Time
Billy Learns to Rock
Blade of Toshubi
Blonde Marvel
Boobs Ahoy!
Bouncing Orbs of Beauty
Bunny Comic
Busty Solar
A Call to Destiny
The Capital of Helsinki
Captain Manly
Chastity Daniels
CCC Presents
Charby the Vampirate
City of Dream
City of Weirdos
College Zoo
Coney Island Disco Palace
Confetti Surprise
Cook’s Assistant
The Critiques
The Crossoverlord
Culture Shock
Cute'n Spicy
Cwen's Quest
Danielle Dark
Dawn of a New Era
Dawn of a New Era 2
Death by Pixel
The Devon Legacy
Dog's Eye View
The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe
Dregs of Society
Due East
Dying to Live
The Electronic Revolution of the Burnhams
Elijah & Azuu
Enter the Duck
Eternity Comic
Ever Hollow
Everyday Life of Sho and Kye
Fated Feather
FauL3 TuR
The Featureless Plane
Floyd & Mike
For Your Eyes Only
Frank and Vinny
Galactic Hub Serreven
George the Dragon
The Girl Next Door
The Goblin Apprentice
Go For It
Goosetown and Lunchbreak
Happyface Comics
Here There Be Robots
The Hero Factor
How Unfortunate
Hungry Hungry Hipsters
Insanity of Xade
It Is a living
I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space
Jac Strips for You
Josh Rants
The KAMics
Karen the Marilith
Khan and Chase
Kung Fu Rabbit
Late 2 The Party
Lexis Diner
Life as Told By Rutger
Life With Dragons
Like Fish In Water
Lime Party
Little Bat Koku
A little on the side
The Lost Battle Fortress
Lynn's Limericks
Mad Acid Trip
Magical Misfits
Maggot Boy
Magick Too
Mildly Mundane
Mob Ties
Moot Point
Misfits of Mischief
M. Organ Art
Musical Farm
Nancy the Necromancer
The NanKan Agency
NoWhere Fast
Off Hours
Omega Justice
One Question
Project Mango
Pr0nCrest Alt-Again
Public Humiliation
Raw Fish
Riley's Notebook
Rival Angels
A Roll of the Dice
Rule of Three
Salt the Holly
[/sarcasm” target=”top”>
Scarecrow Lullaby
Second Wind
Sex on the Beach
Sexy Bouncin Oppai Troopers
Short Bus Brothel
Simply Sarah
Smash Brothers Evangelion Wars
Sneaky Peeky
Soapbox Hill
South of Sanity
Stickman and Cube
Tales From The Institute
TeH Evar
Tera Forming
They Are Night Zombies...
This Ego Of Mine
Trapped in a Comic
Two Weeks Notice
Wakon Yosai
Woolley Thinking
World Domination
Ye Olde Dimarchian Forums
Zorphbert & Fred
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Calender against Cancer

Though not a crossover in its own right, this collaboration deserves mentioning...

Ever since she was diagnozed with cancer, Donna Bender, wife to Ron Bender, artist of Magical Misfits has fought a battle against the cancer, both on a personal level but also to help others against this deadly disease, by raising money to improve research and treatment that, in the end, can ensure those who has fallen under cancer's sway a chance for a normal or at least an extended life under these unfortunately circumstances.

Now, free of cancer herself, a survivor of the disease, she is carrying on the battle, and this year a group of people are fighting alongside her!

They are a collective of webartists of many different styles and skills, working out of DeviantArt and webcomics, but they are joined by the idea of making use of their skills for good, to help raising money to the fight against cancer!

In order to do this, a community project has turned out the "artists against cancer - calender", an 18 month calender starting June 2011 and ending December 2012, each month featuring art from a new artist to showcase.

Any profit from the sale of this calender will be transfered directly to the American Cancer Society through Donna Benders personal fundraising campaign under Relay For Life, and through this you can also donate more and personally if you prefer.

The calender can be found for sale here

A preview of its contents along with a list of the talented people who have donated their time, skills and arts to make this project come through can be seen here: here

Thanks for the help to everybody who participated in this project, be it with critique and/or advice, and especially thanks to all the people who were the artists behind the project:

Legomegacy, Alvaro Cortes Ortiz Jr, V.F.Wyler, Ron Bender, Jerrie Lee, MissAnnoying, Blkknight, Jay "Artdude" Bradley, Michael "Emjar" J. Robinson, Riley McCool, Kaje Tsune, Racquel "Rocky" Ormsby-Olivares, Jim "Ghostrunner" Dyar, Jonathan "Joff" Oliver, CD Rudd, Mark "Teagle" Palmer and Alejandro "47ness" Lee.

It was fun, it was a learning, hopefully it will be a profit for a good cause.

- Hogan
The Hardened Resistance Fighter

Future of the Archive

As already stated a couple of days ago, the recent evolving of the host of Drunk Duck into a state in which each and every link in its database was changed, and thereby each and every link in the Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive which pointed to a specific strip at DD suddenly go dead, made me quite frustrated... literally.

Ever since the beginning of the Archive, some 5½ years ago, Drunk Duck (and especially a handful of named individuals from there) has heavily contributed to its continuing expansion, and its my estimation that there may be more than 2000 DD-links in the Archive, not to mention the Hubs for the Crossover Wars, Cameo Caper etc. … or should I say “there was”, they are all dead now…

With as perhaps as much as a third of the content of the Archive suddenly having gone 404, I really had to ponder what to do about it… and the Archive as a whole.

While I’ve always considered the Archive a fun hobby, one I enjoyed doing mostly because it brought me into contact with a lot of great webcomics and especially the artists of the same, I also know that its more or less unknown by most. Heck, just last month I got a note from Project Wonderful about the possible delistning of my front page banner (placed more as an experiment than an actual source of revenue) since the site has dropped to under 10 unique visitors a day for an extended period of time! Besides that, a check of the Refereers to the site (including forum and Hubs for various crossover-related projects), shows a top 10 consisting more or less of polish spammer-sites and a half-NSFW gaia-online profile leeching on an image from the Archive…

I know I’ve not done much for advertising the site, partly because I don’t like “whoring” out my own project, and I know few people find it more than just yet another curious site, and again, it’s a hobby allright… but the hobby requires time, and I got less free time these days than I had years ago when I started the project. These days I hardly have the time needed to go through the Archive to find n’ replace 2000+ links to individual comics, and I do NOT have the time to hunt down each and every link in the first place… :|

So, when facing the possibility of continuing with a half-defunct and literally unknown- and visited site, I was more or less ready to make the decision of shutting down the Archive project for good…

However… that cannot die which is still kicking!

Since the initial bomb was dropped about the new DD-linking, I’ve gotten positive feedback from several sources which have convinced me that the Archive might deserve another chance!
Among others KAM, author of The KAMics and considered Cameowhore #1 (not to mention Top List Axe Bait), has submitted a list updating the list to each every of his in the Archive listed cameos AND the various Hubs, and the same has Amelius of Charby the Vampirate gifted me with! :D

Furthermore, associates and friends, especially Xade of Insanity of Xade, has also promised help with hunting down the missing links, and all this made me make the decision…

The Archive shall live!

… but it requires help...

If I shall be able to reinstate all the links in the Archive, I need help from people from near and afar. I can and will force myself to get the free time on fix all the DD-related links in the individual entries in the Archive, but if this process shall succeed, I need the links to begin with, the new ones in conjunction with the old ones.

And this is where I have to ask for help… help to finding these links and either mailing them to me or posting them in this thread in the Archive’s forum, as well as help to spreading the words about the Archive and its current perils so that we, hopefully, get people from near and afar to contribute with the rooting out of the links and eventually a reinstating of the Archive.

If we can do this I promise to do whatever I can to update as fast as possible (after my away-from-home vacation next week), along the way going the extra length, even if it slowly kills me, to bring it up to date with the current state of affairs in the worlds of webcomics as well as the newest direct-link option!

But now… the Archive needs your help.

- Hogan
The Skypoliceman in Trouble

Drunk Duck... The Duck... Dead Duck

Readers of the the comics that are hosted on Drunk Duck have most likely noticed that DD has been both inaccesible and in down in periods over the last couple of weeks, fully due to a much-advertised change which just turned out to last a tiiiny bit longer than then people behing anticipated.

But as of today I'm glad to announce the Drunk Duck is back in action, now under the name of The Duck! The comics are updating again and the new site looks, on the fly, better and more effective! :D

There's just one tiny little thing...

<insert picture of me looking in shock at the post that tells me that DD is back but that their whole linking process has been changed, renaming links to all individual comics>

<insert picture of me, hitting my head against the desk, repeatedly, after having checked his claims and found out that they are all too true>

<insert picture of me chasing the fleet-footed and now all too sober mallard with my axe, eyes red from rage>

<Insert picture of me strangling said duck to an inch of his life... and beyond>

I really don't know how to take this... as it is the comics based off Drunk Duck (mostly thanks to certain Most Wanted Individuals) probably accounts for almost a third, if not more, of the full number of links in the Archive! Going about to change them all will be... an uncomprehendable amount of work...

This is quite a blow and shock, both to me and the Archive. I will have to wait some time before I decide what to do next... there IS the slight chance of them adding something that will redirect old links, but I seriously doubt it... :|

Again, I'll wait a bit to decided what to do next... I really don't know it at this point... :(